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Personal Training

Private one-on-one sessions are great for people that enjoy the full attention of a coach and a program tailored exclusively to their needs.

Small Group Training

Small group sessions are limited to 4 people. While everyone will do the same basic workout, the coach is right there to modify any exercise to a more appropriate level.

Therapeutic Massage

We also have a Certified Massage Therapist on staff ready to take care of any of your aches and pains. Regular bodywork is an excellent way to maximize your workouts.

What our members are saying

“I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying Brian’s program. I am feeling stronger. But the best thing so far is that my back pain and leg numbness is much, much better which is huge. The strength program has really helped me get stronger now that I am in about 7 months post surgery.”


“Brian’s straight forward approach to fitness is personalized, methodical, and comprehensive. He is a knowledgeable, supportive, and enthusiastic coach. Under Brian’s guidance I have learned that training smarter does not necessarily mean training longer or harder. Brian’s personalized approach has helped me identify my fitness goals and develop a fitness plan to support those goals; to focus on “Quality over Quantity”. I have gained strength, balance, and cardio fitness under Brian’s coaching. Training with Brian has been challenging, lots of fun, and extremely rewarding.”


“I am 63, had lost muscle tone, gained 20 pounds and was sluggish in the afternoons. Two months ago Brian introduced me to a program specifically designed for me. Each session I improved, gaining more strength and better balance. After one month inches around my back, waist and hips disappeared, clothes fit better, and I was alert in the afternoon. Brian’s knowledge and ability to adapt techniques extends beyond assisting seniors; he designed a rigorous and fulfilling program for my athletic teenage granddaughter. Time with Brian is a wise investment in a healthy future for all ages.”


“I highly recommend Brian Gwaltney as a personal trainer. In a short period of time, he has helped me achieve many of my training goals, far quicker than I thought possible. He’s also customized a long-term plan that is concise, detailed, and matches my individual goals. I’ve been a runner for most of my life and have been plagued by one injury after another. Brian’s carefully planned workouts have enabled me to run injury-free and with renewed confidence.”


“I have been working with Brian for three months now and I have seen amazing results. I have lost three inches on my waist and two on my hips. I am having to find smaller clothes and new belts. I am also much stronger and for the first time in 15 years, I can exercise without my inhaler! Brian’s complete approach that includes diet and exercise has changed my life.”


What we're about
Our goal is to give you the best workout experience possible.

Every person that trains at Roseville Strength and Conditioning has a different background. Some are middle aged women trying to age as gracefully as possible and some are men that have sat behind a desk for several decades and have 50 pounds to lose. Others are looking to maximize their performance in a given sport. The thing that links everyone at RSC together is a desire to become better. Every day, our staff and our members give their very best.

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