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Nutrition and Supplementation

My philosophy on nutrition is fairly basic and founded in a paleolithic diet framework.   If your food comes from the ground or an animal and is not in a box, can or prepackaged then you are doing better than most people.  Most food we eat is very processed and full of crap that is not suppose to go into your body.  When I meal plan for clients, I try to put as much real food as possible into the plan.  I focus on macro nutrients and the proper calorie level to achieve the clients fitness goal.


Everyone has different cooking and food preparation abilities so I adjust some meal plans for non cookers.  I also refer clients out to several food preparation services when they cannot prepare food themselves, see the links to those services below.

Supplementation is often associated with personal trainers.  Some trainers offer a whole supplement line to clients and recommend that they take everything.  I however am not a huge proponent of taking a handful of pills and drinking shakes multiple times a day.   I do not have a big problem with supplements, but I don't like people to use supplements as a crutch.  

Herbal Medicine
Sliced Beef
Colorful Food
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