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I have been blessed to have some amazing clients and been lucky enough to have them say some nice words about me.  Some of these testimonials are from current clients and past clients.


I made an appointment to see Casey back in 2014, because “working out,” has never been a hobby of mine, but I can’t argue against the benefits.  I’d grown weary of going to the gym and working with the revolving door of trainers, who lacked focus on overall healthy living and my goals.
My experience with Casey over the past few years, and the results that he’s helped me achieve, has led to many positive changes in my life.  Casey is very knowledgeable about all things fitness, is consistently reliable, focused on your results, and knows your limits before you do.  He pushes when he knows you have more gas, and tailors every workout to your personal goals.  He mixes things up, and has an eye on pushing to the next level – when you’re ready.
I highly recommend Wilson Personal Training, if you’re someone who just doesn’t get enough from the gym scene, and wants an overall healthy, tailored approach to achieving personal fitness goals.  50 minutes well-spent!


IMG_3739 (1).JPG

I came to Casey 9 months before my wedding, I needed help and I needed it fast! The 1 on 1 workouts in a private setting really helped jump start my weight loss journey. Casey helped me lose close to 30 lbs before my big day. I went from never working out to being able to run 3+ miles straight. Since my wedding, I have stuck with Casey and he has helped me stick with my goals. He is constantly pushing you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. I have found a new love in running, completing half marathons and training for the ultimate 26.2. Casey was even able to keep me going through an injury. He made sure we eased up on the workouts and adjusted accordingly. Without his guidance and support, I would have never healed as quickly as I did and I would have lost most of my fitness ability.

If you are looking for long term success and accountability, Casey Wilson is your guy. I am so glad I came to him when I did. I only regret not finding him sooner!!


eric g.jpg

I just turned 63 and have been with Casey for 9 months now.  What a difference already in how I feel!  I moved to this area 7 years ago and thought that if I had some gym equipment in my home, I would work out on my own.  Weeks turned into months and then years and I was not doing it.  My strength dropped, my flexibility for golf worsened and I got tired more quickly.  Plus, I was beginning to experience back issues.  I saw my doctor for a routine checkup who told me very directly that if I did not take care of my body now, I would regret it in my 70’s or 80’s.  With that, and the urging of my family, the switch flipped in my head and I decided it was time to see a trainer.

I looked around and realized that for my age and my needs that group training would not give me the attention I needed.  I am so grateful I found Casey.  He has set up a full service gym at his location and I was surprised at the amount of equipment he has and the variety of workouts he can provide.  I can honestly say that I am in better shape already than I have been in many years.  My strength, stamina, posture, flexibility are all so much better!  The difference is truly amazing and now I wish I had started sooner.  What makes Casey special for me is his experience level, his attention to detail, organization and his understanding of how much to push me.  While I waited too long to get back to training, my hope for anybody reading this, of any age, is that you will not wait.  If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones and enjoy how much support and encouragement they will give you.



Friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a personal trainer who is knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Casey provides individual workouts that are at a pace that is challenging, but with expectations that are obtainable or reasonable. He corrects your form with exercises and workout equipment, he is easy to talk to and feel comfortable around.  He uses a variety of exercise equipment and styles to make the training fun.  After each workout I feel confident, pumped, and exhausted.

Pros: private workout sessions, affordable, flexible times for scheduling, comfortable pace, results

Cons: You’re working with a personal trainer in private gym, the space is quaint.  If you’re goal is to kick start your health I’d recommend using a personal trainer to get started. (If you’re tight on money I wouldn’t suggest using a personal trainer for a long term plan, but instead, as a transition towards a healthier lifestyle.)



I can honestly say that training with Casey Wilson has changed my life. A year ago, my 8 year old son asked me to go to the local water park with him and his friends. I refused as I was too embarrassed of the way I looked to be seen with my shirt off. I was tired of comments from my friends and family about how fat I was. I knew I had to change but I also knew that I wouldn’t do it with out help.

When I was in the Navy I was in great shape and I wanted to get back to that. I would be lying if I said it was easy. Casey pushed me harder than I had ever been pushed before and before long I was starting to see the results. In 8 months I have lost 33 pounds of fat. That’s 3 10 pound bags of potatoes.

Casey helped me with my diet, with my supplements and most of all, with my self confidence. For the first time in 10 years I can take my shirt off at the beach and play with my kids without feeling self conscious and I owe it all to Casey and Wilson Personal Training.



I blew out my knee in March and had surgery to repair the ACL in June. Combine the lack of physical activity from that with my wife being pregnant and I put on a lot more fat than I am comfortable with. I needed help with motivation and also someone to make sure that what I was doing wasn’t going to put undo strain on my recently reconstructed knee. Casey was the perfect man for the job. He is very good at communicating with me to establish goals and limitations. If there is an exercise that doesn’t work because of my knee, he will modify it. I am putting on good lean muscle mass which is helping shed the fat.

If you are looking for a trainer who knows his craft and can really help you with your fitness needs, call Casey, you will not be disappointed.



When I first considered using Casey’s services, it was when I was told I would have to have jaw surgery in October of 2006.  So of course, one of the side effects of having your jaw wired shut for a few weeks is some natural weight loss that comes along with it.  However, I wanted to use this blessing as true lifestyle change for myself, because I knew if I didn’t change my actual habits, any weight loss I experienced as a side effect of my recovery would just go back on.

After beginning with Casey just two days a week in January of 2007, I quickly learned the difference between what my mediocre attempts at cardio could do versus having a trained professional time your intervals, coach you along the way, and just simply hold me accountable to my goals.  Of course, as I really started to see my body change, I began to work harder.  When I got married in June of 2007, just a mere 6 months later, I never thought I’d look so good in my dress!  I think I lost close to 30 pounds from my heaviest in September of ’06.

After that initial success with Casey, he’s not only helped me maintain my goals, but also through my successful pregnancy with my youngest son, only gaining 28 pounds throughout my high risk gestation.  My bigger challenge and his larger credit come with the amazing journey of “body after baby”!   J  While it’s been much more difficult as your body and hormones recover from having a child, I feel like I’m in such better shape than even when I got married.

I would not only whole-heartedly recommend Casey Wilson to anyone considering a health and fitness change in their lives, but to anyone who needs an amazing support coach in their journey to a more healthy self.  You will never find an individual more committed to your success than he.  As I’ve told all of my friends and family, “If I’d known I could get these results by taking my procrastination out of the equation, I would’ve done it YEARS ago!”.  Casey simply helps remove that procrastination.

Your Committed Lifer,
Michelle Kern​


There are so many great things I want to say about Casey and his personal training.  Firstly, I joined Wilson Personal Training in January 2014 to ensure my workout schedule would not fall out of place as I work full time and I coach lacrosse locally in the spring time.  Casey and I sat and and worked out a schedule that would eventually lead me to feeling the best physically since my lacrosse playing days in college. Mind you, I’m 6’2″ and when I started with Casey, I was pushing 190 lbs, and it wasn’t all muscle.  Casey has helped me shred a lot of the post-collegiate and I’ve gained a fair amount of muscle as Casey introduced me to a lot of cardio workouts, circuit training and then into heavy weights.  Casey is a great trainer, knows the work outs and is very motivating.  My body fat % from a 6 month training schedule (varied from 1 – 3 days a week depending on my coaching schedule) dropped from 17.9% to 10.9%.  THANKS CASEY!!


judy good long shot.jpg

After getting into a routine, slump, or rut of “NOT” really working out, I knew I had to do something different. As you get closer to age 50, you notice that things change, and not for the better. Clothes don’t fit like they used to, you don’t move like you used to and above it all, you don’t look like you used to. It was time for a big change.

A friend of mine started to workout with Casey and mentioned that I should too. What did I have to lose except maybe some weight and inches? I took the plunge right after Christmas (gulp).

I needed someone to push and encourage me and Casey does just that. I have seen remarkable results in the last 10 months. Hard work is the key if you are willing to do just that, you will be amazed. Casey wants you to succeed but to do it in the right way: nutrition-exercise-goals.

I would not have been able to come this far without Casey’s knowledge and encouragement. To sum it up in one sentence: “I should have done this years ago!”



Casey is a great trainer.  He mixes in a lot of different things to keep it interesting and is very good at keeping track of what to work on on where the limits are (and pushing you to eat near them).  I used him after a hernia operation when it was critical to have good form on some of the exercises I do – extremely helpful.  His workouts have inspired me to a do more in the gym on my off days as well.


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