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Roseville Strength and Conditioning multiple programs to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.  The two primary training options are one on one fitness training and small group training.  I offer an online training program for remote clients.  I offer sports performance training in a one on one setting or team setting.  I also offer Spartan team training for the Sacramento Spartan Sprint race every year.

           One on One Fitness Training


One on One Fitness Training, is fitness training designed for the individual.  I will design a specific workout program for whatever goals the client is attempting to achieve.  Full sessions are 50 minutes long.  The cost is $80 a session.  I do offer a first time buyers special, ask about it when you contact me.  I also offer 1/2 hour sessions, please contact me for details.  Meal planning is also available, asked for details.

            Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Training is a regularly scheduled class that is offered three mornings a week and four evenings a week.  The group is limited to 6 people per class so the trainer can watch each person, then help correct bio mechanical problems.  New workouts are designed each week to keep the class fun and challenging.  Any fitness level can join in the class because of adjustments made by the trainer for fitness levels.   Each class is $25 per person.

           Online Training


I offer a complete online training program that can be implemented for anyone, anywhere.  You get workouts designed just for you.  Online training includes program design for workouts and nutrition, daily check/in for accountability, in app messaging, and 10 minutes of zoom or facetime calls a week to answer any questions about you program.  I may not be seeing you in person, but I want you to feel like you have someone in your corner.  This program cost $340 month.  Contact me with questions and a link to get started.

           Sports Performance Training


I offer sports performance training for young and older athletes.   From football, wrestling, baseball, golf, swimming, basketball, track and field and endurance runs, I have trained clients to be their best on game day.  One on one prices are the same as fitness training.  I do have special prices for teams or multiple team mates.  

           Spartan Race Training and other fitness options


For two months each fall I lead a group that completes the Sacramento Spartan Sprint Race.  Two months of O.C.R style training together as a group and going through the course as a group are the main components.  We train two times a week for 8 weeks together and we tackle the course together, no man or woman left behind.  All you have to do is sign up for the race under my team and then it is $250 to train the 16, 1 hour training sessions.  Some workouts are longer than one hour.  Team size is capped at 15 Spartans.  Contact me for details.  

If you have a fitness need that does not fit into these categories, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.  I will help if I can.

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